Housing crisis a big help to Habitat For Humanity


Everything you hear about the "housing crisis" is bad -- people losing their homes, plummeting property values, etc. All the negative press has politicians talking about the need for various bailouts (Of course they don't call them that -- but a rose is still a rose). But as I've written before, the housing slump is more of a zero-sum game than the crisis-criers would have you think. For every house that's "lost", someone else gets a home at a bargain price. It's not like housing slump is burning homes to the ground and turning prized lots into swamps.

A great example of the positive impact of the weak housing market is Habitat For Humanity which, as the video below describes, has been able acquire land at bargain basement prices to help hardworking low-income families build their first homes. So cheer up: the "housing crisis" has a silver lining.