Calling in sick because of high gas prices?


Managing employees is often like running an adult daycare center, which is one of the many reasons why I stopped hiring employees and instead work alone. Imagine this discussion between human resources employees: What do we do when employees call in sick toward the end of the pay period because they can't afford gas to come to work?

If you did a "huh?" at that suggestion, you're not alone. I'm asking myself if this could really happen. Could employees abuse sick leave under the ruse of not being able to afford gas? Apparently, yes.

Why do I call this a ruse? Because the rising price of gas is nothing more than an excuse for a person who doesn't want to come to work. And sadly, many people will buy into the excuse and pretend that the behavior is okay. But it's not okay. Employees make a commitment to their employer, and they are obligated to show up and work, not lie and stay home.