$1.99 for downloading entire albums?


Another nail in the coffin of the industry that manufactures CDs -- I think the coffin is actually now completely covered with nails.

Starting this week, Amazon MP3 began what they call their "daily deal," where they offer a new album for $1.99. Yes, not $1.99 to download one song -- we're talking an entire album.

Sometimes, they'll be going as low as even 99 cents.

Today, Amazon MP3 (which can be found, for the 9 people on Earth who may have not figured this out, in the music section at Amazon.com), they start another new promotion called the Friday Five -- with five specific albums for only $5 each. The Friday Five today includes the Rolling Stones' "Let It Bleed" and Frank Sinatra's "The Essential Frank Sinatra." For younger listeners who may be yawning about now, Coldplay albums have appeared throughout the week on the Daily Deal, so it's not just the albums of older entertainers that are being discounted.

It's also a site where you can get downloads of free songs, and some of them, you might even recognize.