Helicopter parents handicapping their children for life


Yesterday on talk radio, a host was discussing the concept of "helicopter parents"... Those parents who are so involved in their young adult children's lives that they literally hover over them. Apparently this is nothing new, although I hadn't heard of it before and was intrigued.

I'd heard stories about parents calling college professors to complain about grades (They better be glad they didn't do that to me when I was teaching undergraduate courses!). Some Contact companies on behalf of the child who just interviewed with them. One writer blamed the cell phone for this phenomenon, calling it the "world's longest umbilical cord."

This comes as no surprise to me, as I see younger generations refusing to grow up and accept responsibility. Refusing to all those "adult" things that are expected of them, like showing up to work on time, dressing like an adult, and being responsible about their finances. How many baby boomer parents do you know who have had to financially bail out one or more of their adult children?