Fantastic Freebies: Bunch of perfume samples!


I've written before that a savvy freebie scout could go years without buying most toiletries and fragrances. This fantastic offer from Walgreen's and Coty could give you a good start. Fill out this form, and you'll get free samples of:

  • Glow by JLO

  • Glow After Dark by JLO

  • Intimately Beckham

  • Nautica Bermuda Blue

  • Nautica Island Voyage

  • Shania Starlight

If that link doesn't work, try this one. My personal favorite budget fragrance is still Britney Spears Au Naturale, which you can make at home: Just mix one can of Red Bull and a pack of Newport Lights in a blender and place the concoction in an empty Windex Bottle. Spray as needed, drink as necessary.