Super sale on board games at Barnes & Noble!


If you like the idea of retiring before the age of 702, you may have decided against taking a cross-country vacation this summer. As Tracy Coenen recently wrote, staycations are increasingly popular in this time of a stagnant economy and high gas prices.

Taking a few days off from work and hanging around with your family can be pretty refreshing, and it's also a good opportunity to pull the kids away from the computer and play some old-fashioned board games. If you can get them to give it a try, I promise they'll have a blast.

Barnes & Noble is having a spectacular sale on board games. I suggest trying Monopoly Spiderman & Friends, High School Musical DVD Game (if your kids are into that) and Life: Pirates of The Caribbean Edition. You can save an additional 25% on one game with the code A8P8N9P. Note that that's 25% off the 75% off, so you're really getting 81.25% off, not 100% off. Got it? Good. Still a great deal.