Saving cash: Quit working out...and start walking


Even though I live on a shoe-string, I've been finding a lot of areas to trim back on while trying to pare down the monthly nut. I canceled all my newspaper subscriptions. I don't buy magazines anymore (I can read them at the library for free). I've started paying for everything in cash.

Here's another luxury I've decided will have to go: Exercise.

Rather, I should say exercise classes. I don't belong to a gym -- I'm inherently lazy and have always wondered why people pay to walk a treadmill when they could take a long walk in the cool breeze instead. But millions of people do, and many are questioning the expense these days.

I looked at the budget and was galled to find that I spend about $250 on ballet, flamenco and yoga classes every month. I love these activities. But I'm terribly irregular in my attendance. Some teachers don't let you make up a session. Getting to some of these classes requires a long drive.