Mind your loved one's grave with gravescape


Like many Americans, I don't live near the graveyards where my ancestors are buried. Some are rural and poorly maintained, and it saddens me to see the disheveled condition of their final resting spots.

If you share this experience and have the money to do something about it, a new service, Gravescape, can provide the attention your loved ones deserve. The company will attend to any grave in the lower 48 states, adorning it with your selection of flowers or plants, trimming grass and weeding it, then send you a digital photo to confirm the work has been done.

The service doesn't come cheap, however. Expect to pay over $50 for a yellow heart bouquet, $100 and change for a saddle to rest atop the tombstone or a spray to rest at the foot. Planting of live flowers will run around $125. All include minor cleanup and confirming photos.

For dispersed families who are willing to share the cost, gravescape.com seems like a product that would serve the need. I wonder how much they would charge to plant a watermelon on my grave?