Get the look for less - Victorian decorating dollar store style


If you're fond of a certain decorating style but don't have the cash to spend in trendy shops or antique markets, you can still get the look you're after by using items from the dollar store. Let's start with Victorian decorating, just because it's my favorite.

Victorian decor is characterized by doilies, gold or wood frames, lacy tablecloths and lots of knick knacks like candle holders, porcelain figurines, dried flowers and decorative plates.

Victorians were lovers of color and detail so I picked this glass flower pot holder with a raised pattern. I chose the elephant scented oil diffuser because it is reminiscent of a time when India was under British rule. The bird figurine was spray painted white to give it more of a porcelain look and everything is sitting on a lace table topper. These particular items were chosen because I liked them, but they are just examples of the kinds of things you can get at the dollar store. Excluding the plant, all of the above cost less than $6.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer, and dollar store diva. She writes about decorating ideas and tips using only items from the dollar store.