For the young Liz Claiborne in your family: Fashion Camp!


When I was ten, my mother sent me off to Boy Scout camp for the first time with a bar of soap and the desperate hope that I would actually use it. While I clearly remember showering once or twice, I ended up bringing the same bar of soap to three years of camp. At the end of three years, it was still possible to read the word "Ivory" carved on top.

What do you want? I swam a lot, and that counts as cleaning...sorta.

At any rate, it's pretty clear that camp has changed a lot since I was a kid. A few years back, I helped do some organizational work for a summer camp at my university; while "Creative Writing Camp" sounds a little silly, I realize that it is no stranger than computer camp, drama camp, band camp, horseback riding camp, fat camp, dance camp, ballet camp, or any of the other camps that I've heard about.