Entrepreneurship: Conversing with an optimistic financial lender


It's always interesting to learn about a financial lending firm that arrives on the scene during a monetary crisis. In this case, I'm thinking of GlobeFunder, a direct-to-consumer lending company. I half wonder if the executive management team thinks it's the unluckiest company in the world -- or if it actually feels very fortunate. After all, with a credit crunch, there are fewer borrowers who have good credit and can get a loan. But with a credit crunch, it certainly will have plenty of people who want to borrow from the company.

So that brings me to GlobeFunder. I thought I'd let everyone -- entrepreneurs in particular -- know that there's a new financial lending firm on the scene, and it's eager to lend you money. Well, hold on, before you get too excited. It's eager to lend you money as long as you have good credit. Yeah, there's always a catch.

(If it helps, you have to have a credit score that is at least 640.)

Anyway, GlobeFunder can offer people $25,000 in unsecured loans, depending on your state's laws. They'll also soon be offering home equity and auto loans.