When time is money: Tips for doing today what you were going to do tomorrow


Time is money, and when we put those pesky, boring and yet important things off at work or in life, as we know, it

can eventually cost us big time (think: that report that needs to be filed to the accounting department; your kid's health form that you need to fill out and send to their day camp).

Fortunately, the Washington Post had a meaty article yesterday about procrastination, and how we can strive to keep ourselves from putting things off. The main article, written by Christina Breda Antoniades, while interesting, was philosophical about procrastination, and if you're going to follow its advice, it requires some reflection on why you're constantly putting things off, which is why I plan on looking at the article more in-depth -- next week.

But for the time-starved procrastinator, the sidebar is especially helpful.