What do you know about money and marriage?

bride and groom with moneyWith money being listed as one of the top three reasons that couples fight, it's no doubt that it is a tricky and touchy subject to deal with. The issues can be even harder to deal with if the situation incorporates complex legal rules. In order to better prepare yourself for the obstacles in or after your marriage related to money take Money magazine's "Your marital money rights" quiz.

Check out some of the questions below.
  1. Can I cut my spouse out of my will?
  2. Can my divorced spouse get my social security?
  3. Can men get alimony? - Check out more on Manimony at WalletPop!
  4. Will my husband's pension provide for me too?
  5. My spouse has large credit card debt in her name. Am I responsible for it?
  6. I found my spouse's secret savings account! Do I get half?
You'll have to head over to Money magazine to find out the answers to these questions, a few of which may surprise you. Even if a particular question doesn't fit your current place in life, the knowledge is worth having, if only to remind you to look further into a situation when it happens to you or a friend.

Do you have any marriage and money questions? Leave them in the comments and we'll try to get an answer for you.
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