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If you find yourself lost when your mechanic starts rattling off the cost to fix your car, then may be your new best friend. This site not only helps you find local repair shops but lets you get an estimate for a myriad of repairs. Even though the site won't help you identify that pinging noise your car makes during left turns, it can help you find out if your repair shop is taking care of your or taking you to the cleaners!

If you already know what work your car needs get back in top condition head straight to the estimate portion of the site. Once you find your repair the estimate is presented in an easy to understand format, showing a price range for independent shops as well as dealerships. The estimator even breaks the repair down into parts and labor costs.

Another cool feature of the RepairPal is that you can view common problems with your car, which may help you prepare future service appointment. You can also use this feature to check out any problems that your prospective cars may have when you go car shopping.

While RepairPal does a great job of providing estimates and common problems for my 2000 cavalier it doesn't even have my wife's 2005 Equinox in the listings. When I checked the cost estimate for my cars last repair, I found the shop's estimate was within the range but on the high end for an independent shop. If your car is listed this is a good resource to bookmark for your next breakdown.

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