The Daily Show investigates the staycation


We have already covered the frugal vacationer's plight this summer, as many families will embark on staycations.

Our own Tracy Coenen has shared some great ideas for planning your staycation. Despite the fact that you can make the best of a staycation to explore your hometown, John Hodgman explains what it means to go on a staycation or as he calls it a "holistay." You may know John better for his character "PC," in the Apple ads currently in heavy rotation on TV.

This clip is wonderfully hilarious and brings up an interesting point about positive spin that media in general is giving to the staycation. I suppose the staycation could be a sign that people aren't financing their travel on credit cards.

Me? I'll call a staycation what it is, a bummer! You can watch the embedded clip and surf the web all day during your staycation, but how would that differ from work? Actually, I take it back: Staycations are awesome, especially when you consider that next year due to a failing economy you'll be taking a workcation. You heard it here first.