Shoes for your fashion forward baby girl


It's never too early to get your little girl to love high fashion, and a company called "Heelarious" is going to help you do it. The company makes baby shoes in sizes 0-6 months only, complete with little high heels to bring out your daughter's inner fashion diva.

The "heels" are completely soft and flexible, so they won't hurt anyone. At $35, I suppose they're a bit pricey for a baby shoe. For the laughs you'll get out of these, they're probably worth it. (But please don't put them on your baby boy... he'll soon be old enough to choose high heels on his own!)

Of course, some are suggesting that these cute booties reinforce materialism and are somehow setting up your daughter to be a hooker later in life. I don't think so.... They're just a cute gift for the mommy who wouldn't be seen in public without designer clothes, a full face of makeup, and completely matching accessories. She probably wants to start her daughter off "on the right foot," so why not let her with these cute baby shoes?