Entrepreneurship: are you chasing those flexitarian dollars?


There's a name for everything, it seems.

Florida Today had an interesting article earlier this week, all about flexitarians. These are people who are vegetarians, but not really. They're flexible in how they eat. They might mostly consume vegetable, breads and pasta, but every once in awhile, they'll have some fish or maybe a BLT, and don't hold the bacon.

Conversely, if all these years you've been eating Hoagies and Big Macs, but lately, quite frequently, you've been enjoying a spinach and roasted mushroom panini or a tofu salad, then, well, you may be a flexitarian, too. But if you're eating too many Big Macs -- well, you're probably not. Or maybe you are, or at least a part-time flexitarian. There's a line that you cross, and it's hard to tell where it is.