Bargains on bathing suits for men


The daily deal for Friday, June 13, 2008 is men's bathing suits at Old Navy.

Been wearing the same bathing suit summer after summer? Elastic gone and color faded? Not to stereotype, but men it seems, don't go out and buy themselves a new bathing suit until the old one is torn to pieces, or they grow out of it, to put it kindly.

If this sounds familiar, head to Old Navy, where there are more than a dozen men's bathing suits on sale. Most bathing suits are reduced from $19.50 to $11.70, and they come in sizes small through extra extra extra large.

At this point, even overnight shipping won't arrive in time for Father's Day, but a recent trip to my local Old Navy store found plenty of bathing suits in stock, and flip-flops for as little as $3.