Online sites that really, really want to save you money

There are a lot of companies out there on the Internet, just dying to save you money. So I thought I'd update everyone on some of those web sites that I suspect most of you probably haven't heard of. -- Two entrepreneurs started a home-selling web site right about the time the home market is collapsing. Smaaaaart. Or maybe it is. People need all the help they can get these days, and there are several neat features to this. For starters, you can look for homes around the world and not just the United States. Then there's the fact that many sellers have video tours of their homes at DotHomes. And one of the really nice features for the seller is that it's free to put your home on here. And it's free for the buyer, too, of course. So how do you make money, I asked Douglas de Jager, one of the founders. They're still working on that, he admitted, saying: "We don't make income. Income spoils people."