Your own television channel; road to riches?


Tired of watching Fox and CBS grow fat on television revenue? Are you convinced you and your friends have the goods to entertain people? Perhaps you should consider starting your own network. The TomBarlow Network has a nice ring, don't you think?

A new company,, was created to allow anyone to start his or her own video channel. In return for providing the platform, the company takes 50% of the revenue from the advertising it sells (it has signed up over a dozen so far, and hopes for many more). The channel owner(you) retains complete creative control and copyrights.

The site is off to an rather uneven start, to date. The most popular show is a scathing satire, "You Suck at Photoshop," with 8.2 million viewers since late last year. Other staples include "Cooking with Coolio," "Harry Shearer," and "Wainy Days," a poor man's Sex in the City.

On my channel, I'm thinking a little baseball, Velveeta microwave magic, a review of recliners and couches, and "How to turn a grass lawn into a weed-strewn lot in no steps at all".

Thanks to Forbes