Stamps and Dares - Slots Lounge


The stamps and dares system only has a couple of games with stamps that you can win. We're working hard this summer to get more games out with stamps and stars. What I have noticed is that we do not always let everyone know we even have these stamps when we do have them. I'm going to make it my mission to make sure people know about our games with stamps!

For Slots Lounge the dare to win a stamp is straight forward. Go for the jackpots in each of the four games and win a stamp. Not really much to it.

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Can you win them all?

Stars and Bars Jackpot.
Spin and win; that the name of game. If you're stars and stripes person, July Fourth might be the day to sit down and win in.

Black & White Double Jackpot
I believe this is our most popular game. People feel like it has the highest payouts? What do you think?

Blazing Seven's Jackpot
With the heat in the North East this week, this might be the game to shoot for.

Double Jackpot Diamond Line
Lots of ways to win but is it the easiest jackpot? Spin and find out.