Free protective gloves and industrial safety video game


Ansell, the world's biggest protective clothing maker, is giving out free protective gloves -- at least to those involved in some industry that uses protective gloves. These Vantage Series gloves are made with Kevlar (the same stuff that's in bulletproof vests), so they are designed to be cut resistant.

Since I'm blogging here you probably guessed that my work doesn't involve any heavy machinery. But I am a wildlife rehabilitator, so I did order several pairs of Kevlar gloves off eBay for bite protection. I deal with squirrels. The gloves have definitely prevented scratches, but I don't know yet about bites. (The one time a squirrel tried to bite my hand I wasn't wearing the gloves). I found out about them from this site.

You get a choice of three glove weights: the baby bear weight is for comfort and the ability to feel what you're handling. The momma bear weight is for "heavy, oily sharp pieces." The papa bear weight is for heavy, sharp metal that intermittently gets up to 400 degrees. You can also play their elaborate industrial safety video game, where you load pieces in a stamper trying not to get cut. (When you do, your character moans in pain, gets scolded by the boss, and drips blood from his hands.)