Find Out Who You Spend More Time With Than Your Family?


That's right folks it is your friendly neighborhood bingo caller! For any of you who have played Bingo this man is immediately recognizable. He takes his time calling numbers and makes sure the games flow. Some people love him some people think he is the creepiest person on the planet. He is just that polarizing a force!

Unbelievably, this famous man is UNNAMED! We never had a name for him! When we were developing the game I called him 'Creepy Bingo Guy'
Mostly he just got called the "Caller" When I review chat people call him all sorts of things. Peoples ideas about him are all over the map. What I am looking for is answers. Answers to the most pressing question that is out there for the whole game community.

The question I have is: What do you call him? What should his name be? Please let us know!