How to Get to Games Faster

Just thought I would pass on this very simple tip that is available to our members.
When you first arrive at there is just so much great stuff and so much to customize! It can be overwhelming so I most people don't even bother customizing anything.
Well that is going to change! Let's put your gaming needs front and center!

Right at the top of the right hand column of is where your life, not the stuff that AOL feeds you, but YOUR STUFF first appears and where you can make AOL what YOU want it to be.

1. Pick one of the four items YOU DON'T WANT.
You can see in my case I am not a big finance guy. I want to lose that tab and add my own. So just click where the red arrow is pointing.
2. Pick your favorite part of - GAMES!
Once you click on the little down triangle you'll see a bunch of options to chose from. This is the Games News right? So you'd better pick GAMES.

3. You are all done!

You're all set! You'll be getting the latest new games and games news before anyone else without having to check the site. How easy was that?

Let me know if this was helpful and if there are any other tutorials you'd like to see. Tell me how you get to your games! I'd love to hear your games routines.
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