Youtube justice: Judge orders criminals to post confession


Two Florida teens convicted of pranking a fast food window worker were recently ordered by the judge to post a video confession and apology on Youtube. In addition, both will serve community service and pay for the cost of the misdeed. The two were guilty of tossing a 32 oz. drink back through the carryout window, yelling "Fire in the hole", as they drove away.

Expect this punishment strategy, having captured the media's attention, to be emulated by other courts, especially those that deal with teens. Unfortunately, this could be the start of a very ugly trend -- public humiliation video. Youtube torture.

I'd expect that parents will soon adopt the same strategy with their disobedient children, millions of teens explaining to their web cam why they failed math while dominating their peer group in Guitar Hero II. More than one mother, I'm sure, will video her daughter's messy room and post it so the world can see just what she has to put up with on a daily basis.

Fed-up partners of lushes might post films of their mate's antics when they come rolling in drunk after midnight wearing a lampshade hat. Revenge-minded kids could craft and post presentations showing how many watermelons could fit in Mom's one-piece bathing suit. Maybe, just maybe, some day we might even see a Fortune 500 exec apologize for squandering his company's fortunes on hookers, toot and a suite at Cannes.

The only winners here are the talent scouts for Maury Povich.