Is Facebook this generation's personal phone call?

list of networksFrom what I hear, a few generations ago personal phone calls at work were an action which could bring down the boss' wrath. Nowadays most offices will tolerate the occasional personal phone call, especially with the prevalence of cell phones. However, it seems that Facebook and personal email have replaced the phone call as the scorn of office managers and company bean counters across the nation. As of November 2007 a survey showed that 25% of employers blocked Facebook access and 46% blocked access to MySpace mostly based on the idea that the sites are a productivity drain.

A recent survey of "young" employees found that a third of them would quit, yes leave their employer if their workplace blocked Facebook. Granted, severe internet restriction could be indicative of other environmental problems but still, leaving your job based on browsing restrictions seems a bit extreme.Thankfully part of my day job takes me to Facebook so I can still see what's happening! Even if employers ban Facebook in the workplace, don't these kids have phones with the Internet and all of kinds of social networking web apps? There are so many ways to get around these website blocks it isn't even funny. My advice to employers: even if you do block some social networking sites, don't block Facebook. Facebook can be used to connect with others in the industry and used to make contacts which can better the company. Your employees may use it to find talent inside which you previously would have paid dearly for. If employees begin spending too much time online their performance should betray their addiction, and then you can deal with them just like you have for so many years.

Do you think social networks like MySpace and Facebook should be banned at work?
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