Bringing funerals to the do-it-yourself industry


I guess it was almost as inevitable as the inevitable.

Someone has found a way to marry the do-it-yourself industry with funerals. And why not? After all, software companies have given us ways to do taxes ourselves. Why shouldn't we use our PC to manage the only other thing that is certain?

At first glance, when I saw the headline for this Orlando Sentinelstory, I thought, "Oh, brother," but it actually makes a lot of sense, and once you know something about this business, you can't argue for the reasons behind creating it. Nancy Bush, who lives in Minneapolis, lost her husband to cancer when he was only 53. For a year, they each knew he was going to die sooner rather than later, but he never wanted to discuss his funeral, because it just felt like to do that was some of sign that he was giving up. When his time finally came, Nancy found herself wondering just what her husband would have liked to have had at his funeral.