Breaking News: Cheap Pizza Alert!


On Thursday, if you've never ordered from, you'll have 24 hours to order three or more one-topping Pizza Mia pizzas at a 20% discount.

So they'll be $4 each.

Of course, you have to buy three of them, so it's a $12 expense, and then once you kick in a tip, maybe $14 or $15. So it's not quite as great of a deal as the Pizza Hut people make it out to be in this press release. They have the Pizza Hut CMO saying, "We thought we'd give customers something to look forward to when gas prices reach the all-time $4 high -- an unbelievable deal on dinner. Four dollars may not buy much these days at the gas station, but it can buy you the great tasting Pizza Mia pizza at Pizza Hut."

Still, I guess they have to make you buy three pizzas. Otherwise, they'd spend $5 in gas delivering your $4 pizza. Anyway, for those who are interested, enjoy.

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