Search engine to your favorite video entertainment


If you're still plunking your butt in front of the tube for your evening entertainment, you're depriving yourself of a universe of video available via the Internet. At the moment, the industry resembles the auto world of the 1910's, with hundreds of sites contending to become the GM Toyota of on-line video content.

One result of this struggle is that content is strewn across all of these sites, and finding your fav episode of "My Mother the Car" or "Pants Off Dance Off" can become an exercise in frustration. Accordingly, there is now a race to birth the perfect video search site, a meta site from which you can paw through the archives of every video content.

An recent candidate for this role,, is refreshingly clean, uncomplicated and comprehensive. From its bare-bones search page one can search and follow the links to over 100 video sites. I used it to find Max Headroom content (loved loved loved that show- check it out). I'll be busy for days following all the links returned.

Thanks to Mashable