Say Goodbye - Games being sunset on June 11th


At we try and feature the best and brightest of games on the web. In our continuing efforts to make sure has only the best and brightest games we have to prune some games from our listings. We remove games based on member usage.

We call this 'sunsetting' We sunset games that the community has voted to remove. You might ask? I didn't vote? Where is the voting? Well, you do vote! You vote with your downloads, you vote with your time and you vote with your wallet.

What does this all mean? Well it means it's time to say goodbye to some games. If you love these games, now is your last chance to play these games will be remove from our site on June 11th.
Click on the links below to access the games:

Dragon's Abode (Match 3, Puzzle game)

Dynasty (Chain Pop, like Zuma style, Puzzle Game)

Escaping Atlantis (Match 3, Puzzle games)

Fizzball(Brick Breaker, Arcade)

Galapago (Match 3, Puzzle game)

Infinite Crosswords (Word game, crosswords)

Jungo (Match 3, Puzzle)

I get to test some games from time to time and I am surprised about two of these games. 1. Fizzball and 2. Jungo.
Fizzball is part of a running franchise of games with the good Doctor and his Fizzball. I really enjoyed the game.
The other is Jungo. Jungo is a really slick looking match three with a twist and sweet graphics. Both these games probably suffer from coming in too late. The Match 3 or Bejeweled family of games is just over done and people are a little tired of a new one. Maybe if there were an free online trial of Jungo it would still be on our site?
Who knows.
Anyway, remember, if you love a game, play it and let people know or it will not stay on our site forever!