More Father's Day gift suggestions from the dollar store


While browsing the 99 cent Only Store flyer, I came across some of its gift suggestions for dad. Among them were the traditional but always welcome socks and cologne. Other suggestions included a single use camera, a Ray-o-vac flashlight, Panasonic batteries, a 3-pack of famous maker tennis balls, full size Speed Stick deodorant, which regularly retails for $2.00, and an official size baseball. Pop some of these in a .59 gift bag (a $3.49 value) and I'm sure Dad will be tickled.

And, if your planning a barbecue for Father's Day, take home 5 lbs. of russet potatoes for a potato salad, Heinz sweet relish in the 16 oz. size and 21.6 oz of Hunts B.B.Q. Sauce for .99 each. You can also get Arizona ice tea in cans for .59 each. Sounds good to me.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She write free decorating tips featuring items from the dollar store.