Holy Mutt-rimony: How much would you pay for your dog's wedding?


Spring is here, and with new buds blooming and baby birds chirping, love is in the air and it's gone straight to the dogs. It's not that surprising when people are considering cloning their furry friends that there are tons of lavish ways to plan your pet's nuptials. Yes, we're in a recession and gas is over $4 a gallon. But why not blow some money on a taffeta bridal gown for your dog? Might sound ridiculous, but it's entirely possible.

If you're thinking of planning the perfect mutt-rimony ceremony, here are some options to consider:

It doesn't matter if the groom needs to lift his paw to pee, he still needs to look good. PoochieHeaven.com has a surprisingly wide selection of formal dog wear, including a navy pinstripe tuxedo ($39.99), a white tuxedo (perfect until Labor Day, $39.99), and for the destination affair: A collared shirt with Hawaiian themed necktie ($27.99).

Larger brides and grooms don't have to sacrifice style to find the right plus-sized attire. At Bowwowsbest.com, sizes go up to XXL (or 70 pounds). Your golden doodle bride will feel nothing but beautiful in a three-tiered satin wedding gown with hand sewn chiffon flowers and matching six-layered tulle veil ($99.95). If she opts for a wedding party-and not all brides do-then scoop up pink satin bridesmaids dresses ($49.95) that come with matching leashes (always useful in case the bridal party gets a little wild).