Preposterous products: Bobblefoot giveaway pwns Sen. Craig


Leave it to baseball promoters, nurtured at the altar of huckster Bill Veeck, to find a way to make money off of Senator Larry Craig's bathroom stall disgrace. Recently the minor-league St. Paul Saints gave away 2,500 Bobblefoot toys to those attending its game. The toy consisted of a gray bathroom stall with feet protruded beneath. Shake the toy, and one foot begins to tap out an invitation for an impromptu hook-up.

On the back of the toy is written, "For a good time, call" followed by the team's ticket office number. A number of these are available at the moment on Ebay.

Bobblehead doll giveaways are a dime a dozen in baseball stadiums. Clubs like the Cleveland Indians long ago ran out of players to portray in plastic, and stooped to offering likenesses of announcers, fans, and mascots, but this is without doubt the most tasteless (and amusing) giveaway, evar. What next? An Eliot Spitzer bobble****?