Gift cards from the dollar store


Here are four words I never thought I'd be using together in the same sentence: dollar store gift card.

So far, I've found two dollar stores that offer gift cards, Dollar Tree and 99-cent Only Stores. Well, why not? I love the idea. The concept of making gift cards available to dollar store shoppers hasn't, to my knowledge, made it across the border into Canada, but I'd be very happy if one of my friends or family members could mark my birthday or remember me at Christmas time with a gift card from a dollar store. Dollar stores are a lot of fun to shop in because you never know what you might find for a buck. Of course, if you're planning on giving someone a dollar store gift certificate, you need to be sure that they at least like, if not love, the store in question.

Dollar Tree gift cards are available at your local store for any amount from $5 and up. The 99-cent Only Store gift card is also available in-store. To my mind, the fact that these stores are making gift cards available signifies that the general public has begun to accept dollar stores as more that just places to get cheap toys and gift bags.

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