Fantastic Freebies: Gevalia Coffee!

This is a little bit more complex than most Fantastic Freebies in that you'll have to make sure to cancel your membership unless you want to continue receiving gourmet coffee that is anything but free.

Gevalia is offering 30 days of free coffee with free shipping. Here's how it works, according to Gevalia:

You will be sent two half-pound packages of the type(s) you have indicated at no cost to you. If you enjoy Gevalia, you will automatically receive four half-pounds of the coffee(s) you select in about a month. Subsequent shipments will arrive every eight weeks, plus you may receive a special holiday shipment.

After your trial shipment, prices of coffees and teas vary, ranging from $5.95 - $8.35 per package, plus shipping and handling. Prices are subject to change.

So be careful! Make a note on your calendar to cancel it after the trial.