What's up with Wal-Mart? And other money news on June 6, 2008

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Unemployment is up again and so is oil, so happy weekend to everyone. Doesn't that kind of news make you want to run out to the mall this weekend and blow lots of cash? Maybe that's why a lot is hanging today on Wal-Mart's shareholders meeting.

Here are the news nuggets you need to know today:

Wal-Mart Benefits from New Merchandising Focus

The Latest Gas Pain: More Job Losses

Americans Are $1.7 Trillion Poorer

IRS Small Business Audits Increase

Japanese Black Watermelon Auctioned for $6,100

LA Sues Time Warner Cable Over Lousy Service

Ex-Champ Holyfield KO'd By Finances

Elsewhere in business news on the web...

Computer Games as Liberal Arts?

Banks vs. Consumers (Guess Who Wins)

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