The three personal finance lessons I learned from Grand Theft Auto 4

GTA box
GTA box

Personal finance is everywhere. If you are anything like Seb, the author of Pinching Copper, then you can even learn about personal finance while playing a video game. Seb recently shared three things that Grand Theft Auto 4 has taught him about life and personal finance.

Grand Theft Auto 4 has been shown in the news recently for the violence which is a part of the daily life in Liberty City, the game's fictional location. What you likely missed is that GTA IV also reinforces three life lessons about personal finance; save money, budget, and how to advance at work.

Unlike many other games the character you control has to save the money he makes for his numerous illegal deeds in order to be ready for a rainy day, or a lengthy police chase. Secondly, the article points out that in the game you cannot live beyond your means, even though you are taking part in illegal activities, you need to budget the proceeds, asking yourself, "What's more important, a taxi ride across town or saving up for body armor?"