Most Played This Week For June 6th


Most played this week is a little wacky. You can see that a 'new' game Solitaire: Classic Challenge made the top slot. Odd? Well, its there because it was promoted on the welcome screen. You know, the page that every single person who signs into AOL sees? Challenge is a game where you're asked to get the best score you can in five games of Solitaire. It's just a little twist and all of our solitaire games have that feature.

#1 Solitaire: Classic Challenge
#2 Slots Lounge
#3 Video Poker
#4 Jewel Quest II
#5 Bingo
#6 Bejeweled 2
#7 Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery
#8 Solitaire: Classic
#9 Burger Shop
#10 Doggie Dash
#11 Around the World in 80 Days