Recession? Good enough reason for a party!


Numbers, the club in Houston, Texas, not the hit TV show, is pulling out all the stops in association withFree Press Houston, to celebrate the recession with "Recession Thursdays"! During June on each Thursday, the recession will be celebrated or mourned -- depending on the fate of your work life -- with, what else, drink specials and live music. Personally I can't think of a better way to bemoan the economy than with specials on well drinks.

Part of me doesn't know whether to take this as a sign that there isn't a recession on the horizon, or if I should chalk it up to playful marketing. Houston was listed as one of the top ten recession proof cities by Forbes earlier this year so the job climate there may be much different than that of say, Detroit. On a different angle, if the effects of a recession have been hitting Houston encouraging more people to stay at home; maybe this blues busting party is just the answer to draw cash strapped youngsters out for a night on the town.

In my area the closest I have seen to recession themed marketing is a sign at the local ice cream stand advertising their recession buster special. It seems to me that advertising based on impending economic disaster, while good for the alcohol industry, isn't likely a first choice for stores such as Best Buy or Walmart. The stores, restaurants and entertainment establishments I frequent haven't deviated from business as usual. That said, they are often half empty when we do head out for the evening.

Any local stores using recession themed events or sales to draw you in?