Fantastic Freebies: Pens, but probably not worth it


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One of the problems with internet freebies is that often they aren't worth the time: the ones that sound like a great deal (FREE HDTV!) are scams and the ones that are legitimate aren't worth the effort.

Free Stuff Times (an excellent source of freebies) recently wrote-up a terrific example of a freebie that isn't worth the effort:

Pretty slow evening tonight, so here's a freebie that takes a little time to get(and isn't guaranteed to come). Go to and add some products to your cart. Click checkout, register a new account, and once you get to the credit card page you can close it. Then in about a day, you should get an email with a short survey that will give you a $5 credit in your account. You can then use this to buy something small like glue, pens, or other supplies with that $5 and it will cover shipping as well. When you get the credit and pick an item make sure you pick something under $.89 so you dont get charged for shipping. I chose a dozen pens for .67

If you're willing to put in that much effort for 12 pens, tell your boss about it and she'll probably give you a pity raise.