Economic stimulus for Lasik eye surgery?


If you, like me, haven't received your economic stimulus check yet, then you might have spent part of the past few weeks contemplating all the possible ways you could spend your little gift from Dubya.

After all, when the President puts a couple of bucks in your pocket, pats you on the fanny, and tells you to buy yourself somethin' purty, you don't want to just rush into a stupid purchase. Maybe you don't want to buy a TV or a stereo that was produced in a Communist government by people who make two bucks a day. Heck, maybe you don't even want to save that dough as a hedge against the inevitable day when gas will go to $8 per gallon and there will be shooting in the streets.

Perhaps you want to spend your money locally. Maybe you even want to use it to see clearer, further, and better.