Affordable bubbly for every day


As the dollar declines against the Euro, the price of champagne is expected to increase this year. In a USA Today article, the President of Zachy's predicted an increase in prices from 10% to 30%. Despite the increase, there is bubbly at various price points that can compliment not just a wedding but a summer picnic at the park, evening out with friends or a graduation.

Often times, champagne or sparkling wine is reserved as a wine for a special occasion, but why can't every day be a special day? For some, the reservation about buying everyday bubble comes mainly because wine designated as champagne is from the champagne region of France, and tends to be more expensive than, say, sparkling wine. But there are ways to minimize your costs and find the wine that suits you.

For instance, champagne is not the only bubbly. There are numerous labels: Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Sparkling. Once you determine the type of wine you would like, the search for the perfect bottle within your price bracket can begin. You can find a sparkling wine for less than $20 or a cava for less than $10. While "Cava is not as complex as champagne, it's terrific if you're on a budget," says Ray Isle, deputy editor at Food & Wine Magazine. (There is even affordable champagne.)

So why not then make this libation a part of your life. Where to begin? Segura Viudas, Pol Roger, and Roederer are just a few suggested labels.

Lyneka Little previously worked as an assistant to Tastings columnist John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter.