WIll we ever get tired of novelty vodka?

After Absolut introduced us to flavored vodkas years ago, is anyone still amused with all the exotic flavors distillers can dream up? Yeah, I still am, oddly. So I was intrigued by Three Olives -- one of the fancy "quadruple-distille and quadruple-filtered" brands coming out with three new flavors: root beer, tomato and triple shot espresso.

The last one says that three shots of espresso are infused into the vodka. Is that per bottle? Is there a caffeine boost? Not sure. The tomato version is really meant for a Bloody Mary, with horseradish and pepper included. Or maybe just a Bloody Mary-flavored shot.

These are not by any means the most innovative vodkas out there. Liquorsnob has chronicled the black vodkas. Trifter did a survey of vodka novelities, including prepackaged shots, vodka sifted through and packaged with gems, or flavored with garlic. As the DrinkShop and a trip to any big liquor store informs you, there is virtually no fruit or spice that has not been vodkafied at this point. Like rose vodka? You've got Pinky and a few other choices. Poland's Bison Vodka is infused not with meat but with a single blade of grass from where Bison roamed. Vodka flavoring is now apparently an extreme sport.
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