Running out of gas is not a good way to save money


This may seem obvious, but apparently it isn't: waiting to get more gas for your car until the very last minute is not a good way to save money. It's a stupid way to not save money and maybe waste a ton of money and get stranded somewhere.

The Associated Press reports that "As the national average retail price of gasoline flirts with $4 per gallon, highway assistance programs and area chapters of AAA have noted a rise in drivers running out of gas -- twice as often as last year, in some cases."

People are so reluctant to pay high gas prices that they wait til the last minute but guess what: You still have to buy gas anyway and, with the way prices have been moving lately, the longer you wait the more you pay. Of course, running out of gas can be not only dangerous but it can also make you late for commitments and getting towed or getting service can cost a lot of money. Worse, running close to empty can wear down the fuel pump, requiring expensive repairs. So don't be stupid: fill up your car before you run out of gas. Waiting is false economy.

The quest for signs of intelligent life among American consumers continues ...