Get ready to BE the full 'freight' when you fly

airline service
airline service

Paying extra for your heavy bag to fly is one thing. Paying for your bag to fly at any weight is another thing. But paying by weight for people to fly? It's not such a crazy idea according to Bloomberg News, which says the industry is actually floating proposals like this as it tries to cope with rising costs, and it points out that Southwest already asks large people to purchase two seats.

Are you ready to fly as freight? You may have no choice as airlines are considering every possible option, according to an industry expert Bloomberg quotes. They'll do anything to avoid going out of business, as eight carriers already have this year, or having to ground flights, like United announced today.

What else is on Bloomberg's list of unusual measures already in practice or being considered?

  • Using lighter plates and silverware (Japan Airlines)

  • Flying slower (Southwest Air)

  • Cutting out water (Singapore Airlines)

  • Using generators on the ground (American)

  • Washing frequently (Deutsche Lufthansa)

The option of being nicer to customers, as Tracey Coenen floated the other day, doesn't seem to be on the table.