Get free magazines by pretending to own an iPhone

Business Week
Business Week

Zinio, a purveyor of digital magazines has recently rolled out the ability for iPhone users to read current copies for free. They already provide a cheaper subscription price for many digital magazines striking a cord with eco and fiscally conscious consumers but this move should get way more exposure for the company. How this turns that into revenue is another question; but that doesn't matter to you! You just want to know how to get free versions of Business Week and Playboy without owning an iPhone.

That's right, Zinio is giving away the full current issue of magazines such as Business Week, Playboy, PC Magazine and Popular Mechanics to name a few to anyone who can at least pretend to be an iPhone owner. While the promotion is geared at those browsing on the iPhone, users of the popular web browser Firefox can follow the instructions from ismashiphone to basically tell the Zinio website that your computer is an iPhone. While the instructions may look a little scary, have no fear as they are easy to follow. After making those changes you simply need to visit Zinio's iPhone site to snag your free magazines.

If you needed another reason to switch to Firefox for your browsing needs, the ability to view numerous popular magazines for free should push you over the edge. This functionality is available for users of several other web browsers as well but not Internet Explorer. This is definitely a cool way to get magazines for free and certainly beats getting a haircut every three and a half weeks just to see the latest issues of your favorite magazine! As several of the magazines are adults only, don't go checking this out on your work computer.