Cash-strapped SUV owners in a tight spot -- good!


I'm normally a pretty compassionate guy, but this story really brings out my inner schadenfreude.

Those annoying, upwardly mobile, credit-dependent, latte-sipping, people who just had to buy big new SUVs so they could crush smaller cars in accidents and make it harder to see in traffic are finding that their chosen toys of masculinity compensation aren't worth what they thought they would be.

(subscription required) to the Wall Street Journal, "A three-year-old large SUV today is worth about $2,000 to $3,000 less at trade-in than a three-year-old large SUV would have been in 2007." The culprit, of course, is soaring gas prices. People just can't afford cars that get 12-MPG.

In a wonderful example of the power of good karma, environmentally conscious folks who bought compact cars a few years ago out of concern for the environment sometimes find that they can actually get more for the cars now than they paid!