I've Been Gagged in Chat - The What & the Why of Moderation

One my many responsibilities here at games.com is being the point man on issues inside the chat. Let me tell you, there are a lot of people talking inside our games. It's wonderful and most people are talking and making friends. There really isn't much to do on a day to day basis and I attribute that to our outstanding community. People on games.com are on the whole very good to each other and very cordial.

But there is a BUT and it is a BIG BUT! There are people who come into chat and are just out there to start trouble and disrupt the community. It is very likely a small portion of the community but needs to be handled. The first line of defense is YOU the community.

Here are the steps that you should following when dealing with an annoying chat room buddy

1. Ignore them. Now I don't mean using the ignore button (that's step 2.) I mean simply not replying to the person. People feed off of your reaction. In the lingo of the web it's called feeding the trolls. Trolls (as the snarky annoying people in chat are called) live off our reactions. If we ignore them they won't get the rush they need and they'll go away. Remember; DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!

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