High gas prices are good? Shut up!


I found this ridiculous piece on MarketWatch about why people should be happy that gas prices are high and going higher. Using oil is apparently an evil, evil act, and now we are being punished and this writer is happy.

I can't really argue with his points on a decreased dependence on the Middle East and the potential for new investments and inventions. But where I go crazy with these types of things is the idea that this will force people to live "correctly" in the author's eyes. He mentions that families will be forced to be more financially responsible with super-high gas prices. Newsflash: If you were bad with money before, you're not going to become a financial genius just because gas got more expensive.

He says "urban sprawl" is bad. High fuel prices will stop that. What's wrong with people living wherever they choose to live? Why is it better to live closer to hundreds of thousands of other people in urban areas? It's not! Unless that's what you choose! Why would we celebrate limiting people's choices?