Fantastic Freebies: Meijer now offering free prenatal vitamins


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Meijer, a grocery store mainly located in the Midwest, has begun offering select prenatal vitamins for free in the pharmacy! My local ad doesn't specify which vitamins are included, but the press release identifies several name brands; "NatalCare Plus, Ultra Natal Care, Natal Care Glosstabs, Advanced NatalCare, and NataTab Rx."

You can get up to a 30-day supply on one visit and you can only take advantage of this in-store.

If this proves to be anything like the move most retailers made last year to offering free or $4 antibiotics then I would expect Target and Walmart to join in the offer pretty soon. This deal is of course, designed to get you into the store and capture your weekly grocery bill. Savvy shoppers may be able to talk Walmart or other local store into price matching the offer to cut down on multiple trips if you regularly visit another store.